Special Issue on "Multi-dimensional Approaches in Transforming Agriculture" in collaboration with The School of Post Graduate Studies, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India

Research Articles

India rice export and virtual water trade

Uma Gowri M., Shivakumar K. M.

43 - 46


63 - 68

Draft measurement of five tyne duck foot plough in clay soil

G. Manikandan, B. Shridar, D. Manohar Jesudas

73 - 79

Phytochemicals characterization of nutraceutical enriched fruits and nuts spread

C. Rohini, P. S. Geetha, R. Vijayalakshmi , M. L. Mini

124 - 129

Synthesis of iron chelates for remediation of iron deficiency in an alkaline and calcareous soil

Murali Subramani, Jawahar Durairaj, Chitdeshwari Thiyagarajan, Jagadesh Muthumani

149 - 155