Vol. 13 No. SI (2021): Special Issue: This special issue on "Multi-dimensional Approaches in Transforming Agriculture" is published in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India. The guest editor is Dr J S Kennedy, Professor-School of Post Graduate Studies. The manuscripts were peer-reviewed under the Single-Blind policy.

Research Articles

India rice export and virtual water trade

Uma Gowri M., Shivakumar K. M.

43 - 46


63 - 68

Draft measurement of five tyne duck foot plough in clay soil

G. Manikandan, B. Shridar, D. Manohar Jesudas

73 - 79

Phytochemicals characterization of nutraceutical enriched fruits and nuts spread

C. Rohini, P. S. Geetha, R. Vijayalakshmi , M. L. Mini

124 - 129

Synthesis of iron chelates for remediation of iron deficiency in an alkaline and calcareous soil

Murali Subramani, Jawahar Durairaj, Chitdeshwari Thiyagarajan, Jagadesh Muthumani

149 - 155