S. Elakkiya M. Asokhan


The present study was designed to study the role and performance of input dealers in extension services and the relationship of farmers and dealers from a farmer perspective. For this study, a survey was taken in the Coimbatore district using a purposive random sampling technique with a well-structured interview schedule. The study found that most dealers had 40-50 farmers as customer per day at peak and offseason. Regarding technical assistance given to farmers, 90.00 per cent of the farmers asked for the brand. Delivery in prime season (1.181) followed by credit period (0.633), company officials behaviour (0.600) are the primary factor in the satisfaction of dealers with the company. Regarding the level of satisfaction of the farmers, Product choice (93.33%), Credit facility and availability of the product (90.00%) were the primary satisfaction criteria of the farmers with input dealers. It was concluded from the study that agro chemical company have field assistant at the block and village level to assess the farmers’ problem. In addition, the company having a strong research unit to develop is a need-based product for farmers. They had proper follow up activities in the farmer’s field. Therefore, Agri-input dealers were the first focus of the farmers at the village level. The Agriculture department could use the Agri-input dealers to transfer technology at farmers level and its reach would be high.


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Agri-input dealers in extension, Input dealers’ extension activities, Performance of dealers, Role of Agri-input dealers

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