S. Ragul N. Manivannan A. Mahalingam


The present investigation was carried out with 24 progenies in F4 generation of interspecific cross derivatives of Vigna radiata cv. VBN(Gg)2 x Vigna mungo cv. Mash 114 to study the variability and association among the yield and the yield component traits. A set of 24 F4 progenies from the interspecific cross between greengram (VBN(Gg)2) and blackgram (Mash 114) formed the basic genetic material for the present investigation. Variability studies recorded high Phenotypic Coefficient of Variation (PCV) and Genotypic Coefficient of Variation (GCV) for the traits viz., number of branches/ plant, number of clusters/ plant, number of pods/ plant and seed yield /plant. High heritability (h2) along with high genetic advance as per cent of mean (GAM) were recorded for the traits, plant height, number of clusters/ plant, number of pods/ plant and seed yield/ plant. Association studies revealed that the trait number of pods/ plant alone recorded high direct positive effect on seed yield/ plant. The results indicated that high magnitude of variability was present among the interspecific progenies for these traits. The high heritability and genetic advance might be due to presence of additive gene action. Hence selection based on these traits might be effective for genetic improvement among the interspecific progenies of Vigna radiata x Vigna mungo. The study indicates that the trait, number of pods / plant should be given due importance in selection programme for seed yield improvement in the interspecific progenies of greengram and blackgram.


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Association, Interspecific hybridization, Variability, Vigna, Yield traits

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