Eman Salem Mahmoud Mutaa Abdulmtaleb Al-Hayali Sana abdulilahabdulmawjood


Sodium nitrite and quercetin are frequently employed as protective agents on glucose levels, levels of thyroid hormones, and lipid profile. The present study aimed to see the quercetin effect on some biochemical parameters in adult rats treated with sodium nitrite. A total of twenty-one laboratory animals (Wistar albino rats) were used in this experiment, separated into three groups of seven animals each.  During the trial, Group I was given water only to drink and Group II received sodium nitrite directly by oral feeding needle. The study used 80 mg.kg-1/body weight (BW) of sodium nitrite, while Group IIIreceived drinking water containing sodium nitrite orally in doses of up to 80 mg.kg-1 BW and quercetin with a (50 mg/kg ). After blood was drawn and serum extracted, the parameters determined were thyroid hormones, lipids, Homeostasis Model Evaluation for Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR) and glucose level. The study observed that compared to the controls, the insulin (HOMA-IR) and sugar levels and lipid profile of the sodium-nitrite treated group were much higher. The sodium nitrite-treated group also had a substantial drop in thyroid hormone concentrations and a rise in Thyroid Stimulated Hormone (TSH), whereas the quercetin alleviated the harmful effects of sodium nitrate by lowering blood sugar, insulin, HOMA-IR,and improved the lipid profile.  There was an improvement in glucose, insulin resistance, lipidemia, and TSH hormone levels, which increased as a result of exposure to nitrite. Thus, the present study demonstrated  how  quercetin protected against sodium nitrite-induced toxicity by improving several biochemical parameters in adult rats.





Glucose, Insulin, Lipid profile, Quercetin, Sodium nitrite, Thyroid hormones

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