Kamal Kumar Saxena Renu Chaudhari


The chromosomal aberration test in kidney cells of Channa punctatus was conducted to study the genotoxic effect of synthetic pyrethroid fenvalerate, Different chromosomal abnormalities were seen and their frequency was recoded in metaphase spreads obtained from fishes exposed to three sub lethal concentrations (0.0625, 0.0314 and 0.0157 ppm) of this compound. The exposure to fenvalerate caused various structural abnormalities in chromosomes such as chromatid break, fragment, gap, chromatid separation, deletion and ring type chromosomes. Results obtained in present investigations clearly indicate that fenvalerate acts as a genotoxic agent in Channa punctatus.


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Fenvalerate, Chromosomal aberration, Genotoxic effect, Channa punctatus

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