Vikash Kumar S. K. Dhankhar Chandanshive Aniket Vilas Rajesh Kathwal Neha Yadav


The experiment was conducted during spring summer seasons of 2013 and 2014 conducted at Research Farm of Vegetable Science, CCS HAU, in summer season. There were three spacing, three fertilizer levels and two varieties in split-split plot design with three replications. Growth parameters of okra crop were significantly affected
by spacing, fertilizer and varieties. Highest plants were observed in wider spacing with fertilizer application of 187.5 kg N + 75kg P2O5 + 60 kg K2O per hectare in variety HBT-49-1. However, numbers of branches were highest in variety Hisar Unnat. Yield attributes like first fruiting node, intermodal length, fruit length and diameter etc. were highest in variety HBT-49-1 resulting in highest fruit yield (q/ha) in spacing 30 cm x 10 cm with the application of 187.5 kg N+75 kg P2O5 + 60 kg K2O per hectare. The seed yield attributes and yield was significantly affected by spacing, fertilizer and varieties. Finally, spacing 30 cm × 10 cm resulted in higher growth parameters, yield attributes and yield with the application of 187.5 kg N +75 kg P2O5 + 60 K2O in variety HBT-49-1 of okra.




Fertilizer, Okra Spacing, Varieties, Yield

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