A. Usha Rani D. Kumar Babu J. Obaiah


The present study is designed to investigate the accumulation of cadmium (Cd) in selected tissues such as liver, kidney, testis and small intestine of male albino rats treated for Cd and after combined supplementation with Zinc (Zn) + Iron (Fe) and Selenium (Se) + Copper (Cu). The wistar albino rats were treated with cadmium chloride(CdCl2)at a dose of 1/10th LD50 i.e. 22.5 mg / kg body weight for 7, 15 and 30 days(d) time intervals. After 15 d to Cd treatment, the rats were then supplemented with the above combination of two trace elements and then
observed for accumulation of Cd at specific time intervals. These trace elements at a dosage of 1 mg/ kg body weight of Se, 16mg/kg body weight of Cu, 12 mg / kg body weight of Zn and 40 mg / kg body weight of Fe were given as supplements. There was significant Cd accumulation in liver and kidney among the selected tissues before to supplementation and there was significant decrease in the Cd accumulation levels in all the tissues after trace element supplementation. Moreover the 30d Zn + Fe supplemented rat kidney showed maximum decrease in Cd accumulation (8.327?g/g wet wt. of the tissue).


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