Kartik M. Patel Jignesh M. Patel Dharmesh C. Patel Navin B. Patel Jeetendra K. Raval Priti D. Vihol


The dairy plants are looking for newer products for diversification and value addition. There is scope for the dairy industry to introduce newer products as healthy, convenience and ready to eat foods for capacity utilization and value addition, but because of complex biochemical composition and high water content, milk and milk products act as an excellent culture medium for growth and multiplication of varieties of microorganisms. Vacuum packaging reduces product shrinkage, trim losses by eliminating oxidation and freezer burn resulting it can enhance product quality. Now a day metabolized polyethylene terephthalate (MET PET) with vacuum packaging have a promising role in storage of various value added milk product. The developed value added Kalakand product (Indian cookie) could be stored successfully for 5 days in MET PET packaging material at 4±1°C and when the product was packaged under vacuum the shelf life increased up to 10 days at 4±1°C.


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Indian cookie, Kalakand, Metabolized polyethylene terephthalate, Microbiological analysis, Vacuum packaging

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