Sumathi Tatte Alka Singh T. R. Ahlawat


Investigations were conducted to study the effect of different polyamines and natural growth substances as a pre harvest foliar spray on greenhouse rose cv. Samurai. The study involved preharvest foliar spraying with polyamines like spermine (10 ppm) and spermidine (10 ppm); natural growth substances like enriched banana pseudostem sap (1 per cent) and cow urine (2 per cent). All the treatments improved the vegetative and flowering characters over control. However, among different treatments, foliar spray of spermine 10 ppm, followed by spermidine 10 ppm were highly significant in influencing all vegetative parameters like plant height (79 cm), number of branches per plant (3.73), stem girth (10.69 mm), number of leaves per plant (91.33), leaf area (14.68 cm2) and leaf chlorophyll content (36.96 mg/g). Further, flowering parameters like flower stalk length (61.24cm), bud length (2.70mm), flower diameter (6.50 cm), number of petals per flower (55.90) and vase life (6.63 days) were significantly maximum in plants sprayed with spermine 10ppm. The treatment of foliar spray with spermine and spermidine almost doubled the flower production and improved the flower quality in tems of bud size and vase life as compared to control.


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Enriched banana pseudostem sap, Polyamines, Rose, Spermine, Spermidine

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