Vishal Nirgude K. Karuna Abhay Mankar Vikash Kumar Maggidi Spandana


The field experiment was conducted during 2013-14 to study the effects of fertigation on the phenology and physiological status of Citrus sinensis cv. Mosambi. The experiment was laid out in randomized block design with seven fertigation level, viz. T1- 120% of RDF; T2- 100% of RDF; T3- 80% of RDF; T4- 60% of RDF; T5- 40% of RDF; T6- Full dose in basal with drip irrigation and T7- Full dose in basal without drip irrigation and each treatment were replicated three times. Results obtained showed that increase in plant height (36.75 cm), trunk girth (4.67 cm), canopy volume (1.83 m3), leaf area index (5.51) and growth of current season shoot (9.42 cm2) of the plant were more responsive to higher dose of fertigation i.e. T1 followed by T2. The treatment effect was not marked on reproductive growth as expressed in terms of bud emergence, full bloom, fruit set and duration of bud emergence to maturity. The tree physiological parameters viz. total chlorophyll (2.65 mg/g), net photosynthesis rate (6.83 ?mol CO2 /m2/sec), stomatal conductance (0.18 mol/m2/sec) and leaf area (31.9 cm2) were also higher under treatment receiving higher dose of fertigation i.e. T1. Therefore, on the basis of results obtained, treatment 120% RDF found superior in maintaining pheno-physiological status of mosambi plant under high density planting.


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Citrus, Fertigation, Phenology, Physiology.

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