A. K. Panda R. K. Goyal A. K. Godara Vikas Kumar Sharma


Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) fruits cv. Sweet Charlie were harvested at the 3/4th maturity stage. Freshly harvested fruits were packed in plastic punnets and wrapped with different packaging materials viz., low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 25, 50 and 75 micron, polypropylene (PP) 25 micron, cellophane paper and cling film. Effect of all the packaging materials was studied in ambient storage condition (18-25 ºC and 80-90% RH). The result showed that LDPE 50 micron packaging material proved as the most effective one to control the weight loss (5.49%) and all of the LDPE films along with the PP and cling films appeared best to minimize decay loss. MAP conditions help prevent the decaying of strawberry fruits up to a day. The total soluble solids (6.35% - 5.78%) and titratable acidity (0.91% - 0.70%) were found to be decreased with the prolongation of storage periods, but no significant variation was recorded for different packaging materials. A better level of ascorbic acid in strawberry fruits packed with LDPE 50 (31.56 mg/ 100g) and 75 micron (29.86 mg/ 100g) packaging films was retained. The organoleptic rating of strawberry fruits was found best in fruits packed with LDPE 50 micron (7.90) packaging films. In future, these experimental results may prove very useful for storage of strawberry fruits for a certain period in better quality.


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Packaging materials, Quality, Room temperature, Shelf life, Strawberry

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