Narendra Chaudhary Ramesh Kumar S. S. Sindhu T. N. Saha Ajay Arora R. R. Sharma S. K. Sarkar Ganesh B. Kadam K. S. Girish


An investigation was carried out to study the effect of post harvest treatments and harvesting stage on vase life and flower quality of cut Oriental lily cv. Avocado. The results showed that highest vase life (15.83 days) and vase solution uptake (49.17 ml) was recorded with sucrose (2%) + 5-SSA (200ppm), whereas maximum flower diameter (15.17 cm) was recorded in vase solution containing sucrose (2%) + 5-SSA (100ppm). Earliest opening of florets (4.42 days) reported under sucrose (2%) + 5-SSA (200ppm). Effect of treatments was found non-significant in respect to opening of florets. Harvesting at green bud stage exhibited extended vase life (14.33 days) and higher vase solution uptake (40.43 ml), whereas maximum flower diameter (14.25 cm) recorded at 75% colour development stage. Based on the results it is concluded that 5-SSA could be an inexpensive and potential chemical for delaying senescence and for extending the keeping quality of cut liliums commercially.


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5-SSA, Harvest stage, Oriental lily, Vase life

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