Mukesh R. Jangra Ritu Batra Ikbal Ikbal Akanksha Jain Rekha Ahlawat Virendra K. Sikka


Using glucose as carbon source and mustard cake and yeast extract as nitrogen sources bacterial isolate Pseudomonas B2 exhibited a maximum PHB recovery of 0.620 (in terms of O.D.) and PHB weight of 0.27g/L in 96 h. To determine the possibility of growth potential of Pseudomonas spp., it was grown in different carbon sources like fructose, glucose, maltose, mannitol etc. and it was found that glucose yielded good growth and PHB production. In order to incorporate cost effective nitrogen and carbon source, mustard cake and cotton cake as nitrogen source and molasses as carbon were used in medium. Statistical media optimization design was used to optimize the culture conditions for maximizing the PHB production. A maximum of 0.37 g/L of PHB and 0.746 (O.D.) PHB recoveries were obtained using optimized concentrations. Batch kinetics can be used for model development, which will make possible simulation of nutrient limited cultivation(s) for over accumulation of PHB. FTIR studies confirmed the presence of PHB.


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Central composite design, Pseudomonas spp., Polyhydroxybutyrate, Response Surface Methodology

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