B. Manjunatha S. N. Vasudevan Umesha Umesha Chintalapati Sravani


An experiment was conducted to study the influence of modified atmospheric storage conditions on biochemical parameters of pigeonpea seeds. The experiment was conducted at the Department of Seed Science and Technology, College of Agriculture, Raichur, Karnataka. The seeds are exposed to various gaseous combinations
and stored in 700 gauge polyethylene bag for ten months during July-2012 to April- 2013. The results revealed that, the seeds exposed to gaseous combination of 40% N2+00% O2+ 60% CO2 showed less reduction in dehydrogenase enzyme activity and protein content (0.276 OD (optical density) value, 19.33 % respectively) as compared to the control (0.211 OD value and 18.13 % respectively) after ten months of storage. In addition less seed leachate (2.029 dSm-1) was recorded in gaseous combination of 40% N2+00% O2+ 60% CO2 as compared to control (2.207dSm-1). It indicates the potential use of modified atmospheric storage technology for maintenance of seed viability and vigour during storage in pulses.


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Carbon dioxide, MAP, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Pigeonpea

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