Aanchal Chauhan K. S. Chandel


The type of gene action for yield and its components was determined using biparental progenies devel-oped from the F2 generation of an intervarietal cross Swarna Pratibha × Hisar Shyamal (SP × H-8) of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) using North Carolina Design - 1. The experiment was conducted during the Kharif (April- November) 2012 and 2013. The biparental and F3 progenies differed. Biparental progenies were superior in mean performance than were F3’s generated by selfing. Dominance variances were greater than additive variance for most characters. For fruit diameter, plant height, branches per plant and total soluble solid, the additive component of genetic variance was of higher magnitude. The average degree of dominance was in over-dominance range for most traits. Plant height, branches per plant, fruit diameter and total soluble solids was in the partial dominance range. Heritability estimates were generally low to medium. Fruit weight exhibited moderate to high heritability. The pre-ponderance of additive and non-additive genetic components of variance for most traits indicated role for addi-tive and non-additive gene action for inheritance of marketable fruit yield and its component traits. These could be utilized through reciprocal recurrent selection and heterosis breeding for the development of high yielding and quality cultivars in eggplant.


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Biparental progenies, Gene action, North Carolina Design – 1, Solanum melongena L.

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