Naseer Ahmed Jagmohan Singh Babita Babita Anisa Malik Harmeet Chauhan Harleen Kour Prerna Gupta


The present investigation was carried out with the objective to develop value added products and to assess the quality parameters of osmo air dried peach slices. The peach slices were dried by osmo air drying method. Dehydrated peach (Prunus persica (L) Batsch.) slices prepared were stored under ambient conditions in polythene
packs and subjected to physico-chemical analysis at 45 days interval for a period of 135 days. The highest total sugars were observed in Flordasun 58.28 % and reducing sugars (39.35 %) in Shan-e-Punjab. The maximum acidity (1.84 %) in Shan-e-Punjab, ash content (4.43 %) in Early Grand were recorded. The maximum ascorbic acid content of 11.94 mg/100g was found in Shan-e-Punjab. During storage, an increasing trend was observed in total sugars (54.27-56.76%) and reducing sugars (38.08-39.38%), whereas, acidity (1.85-1.74), ascorbic acid (11.75-9.81mg/100g) , and ash content showed decreasing trend. It is thus concluded that Early Grand, Flordasun and Shan-e-Punjab, cultivars of peach can be suitably used for preparation of dehydrated peach product using osmo air drying methods.


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Cultivars, Nutritional quality, Osmo air drying, Peach, Storage

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