S.P.S. Dutta


Ichthtyofaunistic survey in perennial Wajoo nullah,an important tribitry of river Ravi in Kathua District, has shown the existence of 64 fish species belonging to 7 orders, 17 families and 42genera. Gudusia chapra and Parambassis bacails are the new records for Jammu and Kashmir State. Fish fauna is dominated by Cyprinifonnes (37 species), followed by Siluriformes (12 species), Perciformes (9 species), Synbranchiformes and Osteoglossiformes (2 species each) and Clupeiformes and Beloniformes (1 species each). Overexploitation, illegal fishing and fishing during breeding season are serious threats to fish resources in Wajoo nullah.


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Fish fauna, Wajoo nullah, tributary, the river Ravi, Kathua district

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