Dharm Raj Verma Harnam Singh Lodhi Kunwer Ji Tiwari Sanjive Shukla U.D. Sharma


Fresh water prawns, Macrobrachium lamarrei were subjected to acute concentration, 0.304 mg/l (96h LC50) of Copper sulphate to evaluate its effects on scaphognathite oscillations and oxygen consumption rate. Scaphognathite oscillations showed initial increase after 24h, thereafter significantly (t = 9.24; P<0.001) decreased up to 72h and finally tend to increase after 96h but remained below the controls where as oxygen consumption showed continuous decreasing trend through out the experiment up to 96h (t = 16.53; P<0.001) than control ones. Possible interaction of copper in relation to respiration of these economically important crustaceans has been discussed.


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