S. S. Patra B. Mehera S. Rout S. S. Tomar M. Singh R. Kumar


The present investigation was conducted to study the effects of hydropriming and different sowing dates on growth and yield attributes of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) during Rabi season of 2014-15.The experiment was conducted in Randomised Block Design with three replications. The highest germination percentage was recorded at T4 [hydropriming] 22nd Nov + 16 hrs. ( 94.04%), plant height highest was recorded at T4 (95.23cm), highest number of tillers at T4 (4.40), number of spikelet per spike highest at T4 (18.73), numbers of grains per spike highest at T4 (53.13), root length (16.07cm), test weight (43.33g), grain yield (42.79 q/ha), harvest index (63.46%) recorded similar result in same treatment. Therefore it may be concluded that 22nd Nov with 16 hrs. of hydropriming treatment can be recommended to PBW-343 wheat grower for obtaining better growth and yield.


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Germination, Hydropriming, Sowing, Yield, Wheat

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