Jyotish Barman A.K. Jaiswar S.K. Chakraborty B.K. Bhattacharjya Gopalkrishna Gopalkrishna


The present investigation reports the variation observed in morphological traits of an anopthalmic specimen of Sperata seenghala (Sykes, 1839) (168.9 mm in standard length) from Assam. Thirty morphometric and six meristic characters of the abnormal specimen were studied and compared with normal specimens to observe variation in the morpho-meristic traits, if any. The proportionate pre-pectoral length (28.5 mm), length of dorsal fin base (15.0 mm), pelvic fin length (15.5 mm), distance between urino-genital openings and anal fin base (14.0 mm) and body depth at pectoral fin base (12.0 mm) of the abnormal specimen was found to be higher compared to that of the normal specimens (23.8 – 26.5 mm; 12.2 – 14.1 mm; 11.1 – 14.7 mm; 10.9 – 12.4 mm and 8.9 – 9.9 mm, respectively); while the dorsal to adipose
distance (12.8 mm) and body width at cleithrum (41.5 mm) was lower than the normal specimens (13.7 – 16.7 mm and 44.0 – 50.0 mm, respectively). No marked variation was observed in the meristic characters. Pollution due to urban runoff, sewage discharge and oil spill from inland water transport facilities adversely affecting the river water quality could be the reason for such deformity. The overall growth performance of the fish does not seem to be affected by these anomalies.


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Anopthalmia, Assam, Environmental stress, Morpho-meristic traits, Sperata seenghala

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