Lalit Bhatt S.K. Maurya Dhirendra Singh


A study was undertaken to investigate the economic feasibility of summer squash cultivation in tarai region of Uttarakhand during winter - spring season of 2013-14 and 2014-15. Among three transplanting dates, summer squash transplanted on 15th January was found to be best with respect to plant growth characters, total yield (373.50 q ha-1), net return (`2,46,542 ha-1) and benefit – cost ratio (2.72). Similarly, out of three low cost protected techniques evaluated along with control, low tunnel with black plastic mulch was observed as best with respect to plant growth characters, total yield (451.67 q ha-1). Whereas, the maximum net return (`2,87,628 ha-1) and benefit - cost ratio (3.58) was obtained in black plastic mulched plots. Out of 12 treatment combinations, summer squash planted on 15th January under black polyethylene mulch is most profitable in terms of getting maximum benefit - cost ratio of 4.41. Hence, the same is recommended for commercial cultivation of summer squash at farmer’s field under tarai condition of Uttarakhand.


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Cucurbita pepo, Economics, Low tunnel, Plastic mulch, Summer squash

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