Pawan Kumar P. S. Shehrawat Anil Kumar Rohila B. S. Ghanghas Ashok Kumar


The study focused on the constraints faced by farmers of Haryana state in adoption of masumbi (Citrus sinensis) cultivation. The study was conducted in Bhiwani district. The constraints as perceived by the respondents were measured by the scores on the basis of magnitude of the problems. Constraints were categorized into inputs, marketing, production, technical and psychologicalconstraints. While analyzing overall constraints as perceived by farmers the findings revealed that high price of insecticides/pesticides (weighted mean score 2.25), non-availability of inputs at proper time (1.13), absence of agro-processing units (2.05), no support price (1.86), aberrant climatic conditions (1.99), unawareness about proper and balanced fertilizer application and time of application (1.99), lack of guidance of post-harvest technology (1.95), lack of knowledge of current advances in fruit cultivation (1.34), longer time taken in fruit bearing (1.51) and orchard maintenance(1.34) etc. were major constraints faced by the farmers.


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Constraints, Cultivation, Fruit, Masumbi

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Kumar, P., Shehrawat, P. S., Rohila, A. K., Ghanghas, B. S., & Kumar, A. (2016). Constraints faced by farmers of Haryana state in adoption of masumbi (Citrus sinensis) cultivation. Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 8(2), 785–789. https://doi.org/10.31018/jans.v8i2.874
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