K.S. Bisht A.K. Tewari Pooja Upadhyay


White rust distributed worldwide, caused by Albugo candida (Pers. Ex. Lev.) Kuntze. (A. Cruciferarum S. F. Gray) is one of the major disease responsible in reducing the yield of rapeseed-mustard. Among various management approaches use of resistant varities is consider best, as it is cost effective and environment friendly. However, till now only few resistant sources against the disease has been reported. Therefore, in the present investigation 70 rapeseed-mustard germplasm have been evaluated in field under epiphytotic conditions during 2011-12 and 2012-13 crop seasons. All the germplasms showed similar disease reaction after screening in both the years. Among 70 germplasm, seven germpalsms i.e. DLDC-1, DRMR-100, DRMR-312, EC-339000, GSL-1, NPJ-158 and RH-0644 were found free from the disease with 0% disease severity. These germplasms could be used in breeding programmes for the development of resistant genotypes having high yield potential.


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Albugo candida, Pathogen, Resistance, Rapeseed-mustard, Screening

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