Pradip Kumar Maurya Hemant Kumar Manoj Singh Rawat


Accumulation of nutrients like Ca, Mn, Cu, N, P, and K were determined in root, stem, and leaves of different crops. The selected crop is uses for different nutrients for the body growth, in all of the six crop plant were selected like Cajanus cajan (Arhar-A) Pisum sativum (Pea-B), Solanum tuberosum (Potato-C), Brassica juncea (Mustard-D), Cicer arietinum (Gram-E), and Triticum aestivum (Wheat-F). The present study indicated that the concentration of Cu highest in the potato leaf (9.6 mg/kg), Arhar stem (9.6 mg/kg) and Gram leaves (8.8 mg/kg). The concentration of cupper was found toxic to human health. The objective of this study was to investigate the concentration of nutrients specially cupper maximum in leaf of potato. These nutrients deficiencies in crop are not only hampering the crop productivity but also are deteriorating produce quality. High consumption of cereal based foods with low contents of nutrients is causing health hazards in humans. The contents of nutrients in food can be elevated either by supplementation, fortification or by agricultural strategies i.e., biofortification and nutrients containing fertilizers.


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Crop, Leaf, Nutrients, Root, Stem

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