Vikas V. Kulkarni


Thirty-two sunflower, Helianthus annuus three way cross hybrids along with five popular single cross hybrids evaluated for yield and component traits during Kharif-2013. Out of 32 three way cross sunflower hybrids tested, none were significantly superior over single cross best check. However, two three way cross hybrids (CMS-207A X IB-104)X DOR-R3 (2066 kg/ha) and (CMS-148A X IB-101)XDOR-R3 (20132 kg/ha) recorded on-par seed yield compared to commercial single cross hybrid check RSFH-130. The three-way-cross hybrids were early for 50% flowering compared to single cross hybrids and were on-par for other quantitative characters viz., plant height, head diameter, volume weight and 100 seed weight. Looking into the advantage of reduced seed production cost and on par yield performance, identified two three-way cross hybrids needs to be tested over years and for different locations to find their suitability for commercial cultivation.


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Sunflower, Single cross hybrid, Seed production cost, Three way cross hybrid, yield performance

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