K. Narasimha Varma E. Madhuri M. Bhaskar


Bilateral cryptorchidism was induced surgically in adult wistar strain male albino rats and lipid fractions such as total lipids, total cholesterol, Free cholesterol, Esterified cholesterol, phospholipids, Triglycerides and free fatty acids were analysed in the plasma, heart and dorsal aorta. The lipid fractions such as triglycerides (56.63%), free (20.82%) and esterified (61.25%) cholesterol as well as fatty acids in glycerol (64.42%) had significant elevation in the plasma of cryptorchid animals. Similarly LDL lipid fractions (64.99%) were also elevated markedly under
cryptorchid conditions which are the markers of the obesity and atherosclerosis. The lipid fractions such as triglycerides (50.47%, 48.17%), cholesterol (74.64%, 67.7%) and phospholipids (42.04%, 68.88%) showed significant elevations in the heart and dorsal aorta of the cryptorchid animals over the control. The heart, dorsal aorta and plasma had significant accumulation of triglycerides and cholesterol fractions, suggesting the possible deposition of lipid fractions in the tissues, which can be attributed to the possible suppression in the mobilization of lipid fractions into energy metabolism. Such an accumulation of lipid fractions under cryptorchid condition can be considered as the development of risk factor for the cardio-vascular disorders.


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Cryptorchidism, Albino rat, Lipid fractions, Cardiovascular, Tissues-Plasma

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