A. Sharma N. S. Thakur


Wild pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) is the only wild fruit of foothills of Himalaya which has got commercial importance in North India because of the high acidic nature of its arils. The objective of this investigation was to evaluate best packaging material for storage of mechanical cabinet dried wild pomegranate arils. The freshly
extracted arils were pre-treated to check the browning and dried in mechanical cabinet drier at 60 + 2 oC. Dried arils packed in different packaging material with or without moisture absorbers (salt or sugar sachet) were stored under ambient conditions (18 to 28 oC) for 6 months. Although the slight changes in quality attributes of dried arils during storage were observed but the arils packed in Aluminium Laminated Pouch (ALP) containing salt (humectant) showed minimum increase in moisture (8.82 %), non enzymatic browning (0.05 OD), hydroxy methyl furfural (2.85 ppm), furfurals (20.11 ppb) and retained highest amount of titratable acidity (10.92 %), total sugars (24.20 %), ascorbic acid (11.75 mg/100g), anthocyanins (30.81 mg/100g) and phenols (112.38 mg/100g) among all packaging material. So, ALP can be used as a packaging material for the packaging of dried arils (anardana, Indian spice) on commercial scale. Putting of moisture absorber along with the arils inside the pouch as an active packaging system will be an additional advantage to retain the quality of anardana during storage.


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Active packaging, Anardana, Drying mode, Storage, Wild pomegranate

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