Devesh Pratap J. Singh Rahul Kumar Om Kumar K.S. Rawat


The objective of the study to find the suitable treatment combination between the combination of compaction, micronutrients and farmyard manure, which enhanced physical, chemical properties of soil and yield for alluvial soil. The maximum particle density (3.01g/cc), water holding capacity (58.23 %) and pore space (63.40 %) were observed in the treatment T3 (C3I3M3), whereas maximum bulk density (1.09 g/cc) was observed in the treatment T1 (C1I1M1). The maximum EC (0.58dS m-1), Organic carbon (0.66 %), available nitrogen (279.76 kg/ha), phosphorous (19.62 kg P2O5/ha) potash (194.90 kg K2O/ha), zinc (0.65 ppm) and sulfur (14.89 ppm) were found in treatment T3 (C3I3M3). The electrical conductivity gradually increased from control (C0I0M0-0.45) to T3 (C3I3M3-0.58) dSm-1 . The maximum dry weight, test weight and yield were found in the treatment T2 (C2I2M2) viz., 154.43, (230.33 and 50.50 qha-1 respectively for alluvial soil.


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Farm yard manure (FYM), Maize yield, Micronutrients, Soil compaction

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