Geeta Pandey Rajendra Prasad Birendra Prasad Priyamvada Chauhan


The present investigation was carried out to estimate the genetic parameters for ten traits in ricebean genotypes. Fourteen genotypes of ricebean (Vigna umbellata (Thunb.) were collected from different regions of country were evaluated for yield and its components. The study revealed that the phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was higher than genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) for all traits. The value of PCV and GCV was higher for seed yield/plant, 100 seed weight and number of pods/plant. Heritability values were high for all the traits except leaflet size and pod length. High genetic advance was observed for days to 50% flowering, number of pods and seeds /plant, days to maturity, suggest that scope for improvement of these characters through selection. High heritability coupled with high genetic advance was registered for 50% flowering, number of pods and seeds /plant indicate that the genetic variance for these traits are probably owing to their high additive gene effect and thus there is better scope for improvement of these traits through direct selection. Therefore selection based on these characters will bring the desired improvement in seed yield of ricebean. With respect to mean performance of genotype, PRR-2, PRR-1 and PRR-2011- 1 was found superior among all the genotypes.




Genetic Advance, GCV, Heritability, PCV

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