Nirmaljit Kaur P. K. Monga P. K. Arora Krishan Kumar


Effect of micronutrients on leaf composition, quality parameters and fruit yield of Kinnow mandarin was studied at Regional Research Station, Abohar. Foliar application of 1000 ppm Zn + 1000 ppm Mn on Kinnow mandarin during the end of April and mid of August gave maximum fruit yield (862 fruits / tree) and good quality fruits (Higher TSS/Acid: 14.23) by correcting these micronutrient deficiencies. Therefore, application of this dose of micronutrient combination will improve yield and fruit quality in Kinnow mandarin by correcting the deficiencies of these micronutrients as a result of which the orchardist will be economically benefited.




Kinnow, Leaf composition, Micronutrients, Quality, Yield

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