V. Sunitha T.V. K. Singh V. Ramesh Babu J. Satyanarayana


Genetic diversity in acephate, spinosad and Cry2Ab resistant Plutella xylostella collected from three states of India was assessed by RAPD markers. The DNA extracted from larvae was subjected to polymerase chain reaction using 10 RAPD primers. The highest number alleles (7) were produced by primer ABA-13, followed by six alleles each by primers ABA-2, 7, 8, 11, 14; five alleles each were produced by ABA-4, 9, 10, 12. UPGMA analysis clustered the acephate, spinosad and Cry2Ab treated P.xylostella populations into two groups with overall similarity level of 33%, 27% and 34% respectively. Cluster A consisted 11 samples while Cluster B consisted only F1 of acephate and spinosad treated Karnataka population. In Cry2Ab treated population Cluster B comprised 11 samples and Cluster A had out grouped singly i.e. F0 generation from Karnataka. The genetic variability between the acephate, spinosad and Cry2Ab treated populations ranged from 33 to 69%, 27 to 56% and 34 to 69% respectively. Acephate and spinosad treated F1 population and Cry2Ab treated F0 population from Karnataka were out grouped from rest of the populations.


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Acephate, Cry2Ab, Molecular characterization, Plutella xylostella, RAPD markers

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