Rakesh Devlash Naval Kishore Guru Dev Singh


Under field conditions, various fungicide molecules were validated for their effectiveness on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) stripe rust Puccinia striiformis f. sp. consecutively for three years under artificial field epiphytotic conditions. Seven fungicides viz., propiconazole 25%EC (tilt @ 0.1%), tebuconazole 25.9% m/m EC (folicur @ 0.1%), triademefon 25%WP (bayleton @ 0.1%), propiconazole 25%EC (tilt @ 0.05%), tebuconazole 25.9% m/m EC (folicur @ 0.05%), triademefon 25%WP (bayleton@ 0.05%), and mancozeb 75%WP (dithane M45 @ 0.2%) with various
concentrations were tested for their effectiveness in controlling barley stripe rust severity. All fungicide applications resulted in lower disease severity and higher grain yields than untreated check plots. All the fungicides @ 0.1% concentrations reduced disease severity ranging from 87.8% to 95.6% except Mancozeb @ 0.2% (34.4%). Significant higher yield was obtained with Propiconazole @ 0.1% (26.7 q/ha) followed by Tebuconazole @ 0.1% (25.2 q/ha) and Triademefon @ 0.1% (24.5 q/ha). The present study revealed propiconazole as the most effective fungicide for the control of stripe rust of barley under epiphytotic conditions.


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Barley, Fungicides, Puccinia striiformis f. sp. hordei, Stripe rust

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