R. K. Dadhich R. S. Meena M. L. Reager B. C. Kansotia


A field study was conducted during rabi seasons of 2008 and 2009 to evaluated of productivity of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) by foliar spray of bio-regulators under different irrigation environments. Amongst treatments, the application of sufficient irrigation water (four irrigations) recorded the highest number siliqua per plant, higher number of seeds per siliqua, 1000 seed weight and yields as compared to all other irrigation treatments. Results show that an increased in seed yield of 92.40 and 39.37 % under sufficient irrigation and limited
water condition in 2008 and 93.34% and 40.31% in 2009, respectively over deficient irrigation conditions, foliar sprays of 100 ppm thioglycollic acid at initiation of branching were recorded highest yield attributes and yields. Similarly, 500 ppm of thiourea at initiation of branching and flowering stages also gave second best highest yield attributes and yields as compared to all other bio-regulators spray stages. However, bio-regulators sprays were not recorded any significant effect on oil and protein content. The results were concluded that economic feasibility to improve productivity of Indian mustard with four irrigations levels and sprays of 100 ppm thioglycollic acid and 500 ppm of thiourea at initiation of branching and flowering stages under hyper arid environment.


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Indian mustard, Irrigation, Thiourea, Thioglycollic acid

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