C. N. Mishra Satish Kumar Vikas Gupta Vinod Tiwari Indu Sharma


Stripe rust caused by Puccinia striformis Westend. f. sp. tritici Eriks. (Pst) is a major constraint to wheat production in Northern India. In this study, 616 indigenous germplasm (IC) accessions of wheat were screened under field conditions against mixture of Pst isolates at DWR Karnal during 2012-13 crop season. Out of 616 accessions, 197 accessions were observed to be resistant (R), 115 moderately resistant (MR) to moderately susceptible (MS) and 304 as susceptible (S) against yellow rust. On the basis of days to heading, the accessions were grouped into four classes (early, medium early, medium late and late). Chlorophyll content index (CCI) recorded in flag leaf showed significant differences between resistant and susceptible lines in each classified group at 5% level of significance. The difference for CCI between resistant and moderately resistant plants was negligible, however in comparison with resistant plants, susceptible plants showed loss of 35-39% of chlorophyll. There was negative correlation (a correlation coefficient of – 0.60) between chlorophyll content and disease severity due to stripe rust in susceptible accessions.


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Chlorophyll reduction, Disease severity, Stripe rust, Wheat

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