D. Srinivasa Reddy C. Madhumathi H. Naveena L. Rajesh Chowdary


Banana germplasm with 17 different accessions for resistance were screened against banana stem weevil, Odoiporous longicollis in Koduru region of Kadapa district (Andhra Pradesh). All the accessions had infestation of stem weevil but with varying percent infestation. The 17 accessions of germplasm had weevil infestation ranging from 10.0–100 percent in 2012 with maximum infestation of 100 percent in red banana (AAA genome) followed by Bontha selection-88.88 % (ABB), Karpuravalli-84.60% (AAB) and Ellakibale-64.7% (AB) and the lowest was in
Sugandhalu-10.00% (AAB). In the year 2013, the infestation was in the range of 13.00-90.40% and with respect to infestation levels in different accessions, and the trend remained same as the earlier year wherein the highest infestation was recorded in red banana-90.40% followed by Bontha selection with the damage of 83.50 %, Karpuravalli (79.80%), Ellakibale (70.00%) and least in Sugandhalu-13.0% (AAB). There was no correlation between number of adults observed and percent damage and similarly no relation can be drawn between percent infestation and height of oviposition, This implies that the infestation caused by the weevils varied in different genotypes and also this information will be further helpful in selecting the resistant germplasms for future.


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Banana, Germplasm, Musa, Resistance, Stem weevil

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