N. Lyngdoh Mukul Kumar Naresh Kumar A. K. Pandey


Tokopatta palm (Livistona jinkensiana) is a valuable non timber multiple end uses forest species of Arunachal Pradesh. In order to establish improved plantation, the production of quality seedling of this species is essential. The present study was undertaken to determine tree age effects on seed characters, seed germination and performance of seedlings. The 500 seeds sample from each plantations aged 18, 25, 35, 45, 54, 63 and 74 years old around Pasighat town under East Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh, India were taken to see the effect of tree age
on seed morphological characters, seed germination and seedling performance. Significant variation was observed for seed diameter and seed weight between plantations of different ages. The age effect was also seen in the germination patterns with middle aged plantations producing most superior seeds in terms of seed morphological parameters and germination behavior. Seedling attributes after 12 months showed that seedling obtained from young and middle aged plantations (between 18 to 45 years) performed better than those beyond 50 years.


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Arunachal Pradesh, Livistona jinkensiana, Mother tree age, NTFP, Seed parameters

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