Jasvinder Kaur Joginder S. Malik P. S. Shehrawat Sushila Dahiya Quadri Javeed Ahmed Peer


The main purpose of this study was to know the preference of farmers for different services provided by private and public extension agencies. In recent times involvement of private extension agencies has been increased in agricultural sector and up to some extent it has sidelined the public extension agencies, but public extension agencies have potential to do better and to reach farmers at their best. In view of this, present study was undertaken to find out the farmers’ preference towards public and private extension services in Ambala, Kurukshetra, Karnal, Hisar and Fatehabad districts of Haryana state. From each district two blocks were selected randomly and from each block two villages were selected. A manageable size of 10 farmers was selected from each village thus making total sample size of 200 farmers. Various aspects related to agricultural services provided by both public and private agencies were identified and response were obtained by putting a tick mark as per farmers’ preference for private and public agencies. On the basis of statistical tools like rank and mean score, results showed that farmers had great preference for ‘Input supply’ in private extension as compared to public extension followed by ‘Infrastructure facilities’. While for ‘Consultancy and diagnosis services’, ‘Information’ and ‘Technical services’, public extension was preferred as over the private extension.


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Agricultural services, Preference, Private extension, Public extension

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