Manonmani S. S. Senthilkumar S. Manivannan


Banana, a climacteric fruit crop of the humid tropical ecosystem, has economic value worldwide in domestic and export markets. Recently, plant bio-regulators have been proven to modulate the growth and/or any physiological actions from its production site and are active in minor concentrations. The plant bio-regulators encompass several plant growth hormones to promote commercial fruit production when applied externally at the right stage with appropriate concentration. However, the response of banana cv. Monthan with the foliar application of plant bio-regulators in the Cauvery delta region of Karaikal, Puducherry, is less explored. Hence, the study was initiated to assess the potentiality of plant bio-regulators in commercial banana production in the region to support the banana growers of the track to obtain better returns. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design (RBD) with six treatments (T1 - GA3 50ppm, T2 - CPPU 2ppm, T3 - 2,4-D 25 ppm, T4 - Brassinosteroid 1 ppm, T5 - Seaweed extract 0.1% and C - control) of four replications. Two Bunch sprays of treatments were given at the time of opening of the last hand and 20 days later, the first spray. Results obtained revealed that the bunches fortified with ‘T5’ Seaweed extract (0.1%) rendered significance with hand weight (1.72 kg), finger girth (15.88 cm), pulp width (5.05 cm) and lesser duration between the last hand open and harvest (73.00 days), yield per hectare (20.55 t/ha). Economic analysis evidenced that the treatment of seaweed extract (0.1%) hampered the highest net returns (Rs. 2,91,138 per hectare), including the benefit-cost ratio (1.89). Hence, the pre-harvest bunch spray with 0.1% seaweed extract is a cost-effective treatment and that may be recommended to farmers to increase the banana productivity in this region.





Bio-regulators, Economics, Monthan, Pre-harvest spray, Seaweed extract, Yield

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