R. K. Sarkar J. C. Jana S. Datta


An experiment was conducted to find out suitable sowing time and spacing as to increase the production of both green and seed yield and its quality of water spinach (Ipomoea reptans Poir.) during the year 2007-08 and 2008-09. The experiment was comprised of three sowing times (1st week of May; 1st week of June and 1st week July) and three spacings (30 cm × 15 cm; 30 cm ×30 cm and 30 cm ×45 cm). It was found that early sowing on 1st week of May and closest spacing of 30 cm ×15 cm alone and their combination executed best results with respect to all parameters. The sowing on 1st week of May with closest spacing of 30 cm ×15 cm produced about 3.26 times higher green yield (18.83 t/ha). On the other hand, sowing on 1st week of June with 30 cm ×15 cm spacing contributed 52.95 percent higher seed yield (0.78 t/ha). All the seed quality testing parameters viz. shelling percentage (62.53), 1000 seed weight (40.56 g), germination percentage (82.40), seedling vigour index (5.38) and seedling growth rate (0.091 g/plant/day) were observed to be highest in 1st week of June with widest spacing of 30 cm ×45 cm. On economic point of view, the combination of 1st week of May along with 30 cm ×15 cm spacing was noticed to be superior amongst all other treatment combinations and that may be adopted for its commercial cultivation in medium to upland situation under terai region of West Bengal.


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Growth, Ipomoea reptans, Quality, Sowing time, Spacing, Water spinach

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