Himanshu S. Swian S. Ratnamanjari Senapati S. J. Meshram R. Mishra H. Shivananda Murthy


The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary supplementation of carotenoid (marigold oleoresin) on growth, survival and total body carotenoid of Koi carp (Cyprinus carpio). The experiment was carried out in 12 fiber aquarium tanks of size 12"×6"×6"(20l capacity). Each tank was stocked with15 fishes of uniform size. The marigold oleoresin were as dietary supplement at levels 60, 120, 180, 240, 300 ppm/kg of the feed and designated as treatment T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 respectively and diet without marigold oleoresin supplementation
served as a control (T0). The result of the experiment showed that there was significant difference found in absolute growth rate and specific growth rate of the fish (P >0.05). However, 180ppm marigold oleoresin fed fishes showed higher mean weight gain of 3.98±0.22g and lower feed conversion ratio (FCR) of 2.81±0.04 than the other treatment groups. The body coloration and total carotenoid concentration of muscle tissue (30.16±0.60?g/g) was significantly higher in fish fed with 180 ppm marigold oleoresin diet. The study showed that incorporation of 180ppm of marigold oleoresin in diet was found better to enhance the growth and coloration in C. carpio.


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Carotenoid, Cyprinus carpio, Koi carp, Marigold oleoresin

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