Narayanaswamy Jeevan Sellaperumal Pazhanivelan Ramalingam Kumaraperumal Kaliaperumal Ragunath P Murali Arthanari N Sritharan A Karthikkumar S Manikandan


The effect of spray volume on weed control in transplanted rice ecosystems using the Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) needs to be better understood for management in the advancements of UAV-based spraying technology. The present study aimed to find out the influence of varied spray volumes of 15 L/ha, 20 L/ha and 25 L/ha using the UAV and 500 L/ha using a Knapsack sprayer (KS) to compare the weed density, weed dry matter and weed control efficiency and yield in transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L.). Pre-emergence (PE) application of Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl at 25 g a.i./ha at three days after transplanting (DAT) and post-emergence (PoE) application of Bis-pyribac sodium at 25 g a.i./ha at 25 DAT were used as herbicide treatments. The results revealed that varied spray volumes significantly influenced the weed density, dry matter, and weed control efficiency of the UAV and KS. Application of herbicides using KS (500 L/ha) and UAV (25 L/ha) had better control on the weeds by reducing weed density and dry matter at 20, 40, and 60 DAT, with no significant difference. Higher grain yield and straw yield were recorded in KS (500 L/ha) and UAV (25 L/ha), with no significant difference. However, applying 25 L/ha had better weed control efficiency and higher yield, possibly due to optimum deposition. Considering the low volume application of UAV (25 L/ha) as compared with KS (500 L/ha), it is better to go for the optimal application of 25 L/ha, which is an energy-efficient and cost-effective, labour-saving approach compared to KS.




Herbicide application, Knapsack sprayer, Spray volume, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Weed control efficiency

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