Divya Singh Deepa Vinay


A Parvatiya Sugam Thresher was designed and developed at College of Home Science GBPUA & T, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India. It is a low cost motorized machine for threshing paddy crops especially for hill region, it is user friendly and more efficient in its working. The machine performance was evaluated for optimal design parameters viz, height 755 mm, time 5.1 minutes and crop load 1.5 kg. Comparative performance tests between the newly developed (Parvatiya sugam thresher) and existing thresher were conducted to the optimization. Test result indicates that Parvatiya sugam thresher gives better result compared to existing thresher. It was inferred that ½ hp motor was introduced to have optimum drum speed and threshing performance of paddy thresher.


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Agriculture, Design and development, Optimization, Thresher

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