Amandeep Singh L.R. Dangwal Tajinder Singh


The present communication pertains to some lesser known fiber yielding weeds used by Gujjar and Bekarwal tribe of district Rajouri (J&K). The study was based on extensive and intensive field surveys conducted in 6 blocks of district Rajouri i.e. Budhal, Rajouri, Thanamandi, Manjakote, Nowshera and Sunderbani. Three sites were selected in each block which was densely inhabited by Gujjar and Bekarwal tribe to document traditional knowledge on fiber yielding weeds. The botanical names of the reported weed species with family, local names and part used have been documented in the present work. During the study period a total of 17 fiber yielding weeds belonging to 2 monocot and 8 Dicot families were reported. Out of total 10 angiospermic families of fiber yielding weeds, the predominance was shown by family Malvaceae having 6 weed species followed by family Tiliaceae and Urticaceae each representing 2 fiber yielding weeds. The study would not only help in documenting the traditional knowledge, it would also help in removal and management of weed species and in promoting growth of major crops.


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Blocks, Families, Fiber, Weeds

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