Kiran Dharambir Singh Amit Kour Priya Dahiya Vikram Delu Rahul kumar


Avian species diversity and their assemblage are responsible for maintaining the integrity and health of any ecosystem. Documentation of avian diversity in different habitats is sensitive tool for monitoring the environmental condition. The present investigation aimed to record the diversity of avian fauna at the main campus and agricultural landscapes of Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana agricultural University, Hisar (Haryana). Line transect and point count methods were used to taking observations on different species of birds. A total of 101 bird species under 17 orders 43 families and 86 genera were recorded; out of them, 78, 17, 5 and one species were resident, winter migrant, summer migrant and passage migrant, respectively. Species richness of order Passeriformes was highest, followed by Pelecaniformes and Muscicapidae, the most diverse family in the study area. Analysis of food and feeding guilds revealed that the insectivorous guild is predominant, followed by Omnivore, Carnivore, Granivore, Frugivore and Nectarivore. Out of the total observed species, 23 have declining population trends at global level, whereas three species (Alexandrine Parakeet, Asian Woollyneck, Black-headed ibis) are listed as Near Threatened and Common Pochard is vulnerable as per IUCN Red List. The species richness was significantly higher in farmland, followed by main campus and experimental orchards. Jaccard’s similarity index between habitats revealed that the main campus and farmland area has a maximum (0.73) similarity in bird communities. This emphasises the significance of these study sites as key habitats for bird species of conservation priorities.




Avian diversity, Environment, Habitats, Jaccard’s similarity index, Line transect method, Species richness

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