G. P. Chinnasamy S. Sundareswaran M. Vetrivel


Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) is one of the major pulse crops grown throughout India.  Prediction of seed vigour and field emergence of seed before sowing is important for assured yield. A standard germination test is time-consuming and does not always show the seed lot potential performance, especially if field conditions are not optimal. There is need of advanced technology, which can give a precise result in a short period. The experiment was conducted to correlate the radicle emergence test with seed vigour parameters to predict seed vigour and planting value of 10 varying vigour lots (L1, L2, L3, L4 - high vigour lots; L5, L6, L7 - medium vigour lots; L8, L9, L10 - low vigour lots) of blackgram var. VBN 6. The study showed that all the seed vigour parameters of the blackgram were more highly correlated with the percentage of radicle emergence with 2 mm length than with 1 mm length. The correlation analysis results showed that the radicle emergence test with 2 mm radicle length at 28 hours had a highly significant negative correlation with EC (electrical conductivity) of seed leachate (-0.974**), followed by MJGT (mean just germination time) (-0.967**) and MGT (mean germination time) (-0.933**). However, it was positively correlated with field emergence (0.972**), germination (0.952**) and dehydrogenase enzyme activity (0.928**). The maximum R2 value of 0.923 was recorded in the 28-hour counting of radicle emergence with a length of 2 mm compared with the 26-hour counting of radicle emergence with a length of 1 mm (0.913). The study concluded that counting 2 mm radicle emergence at the 28th hour could be used to quickly evaluate seed vigour in field emergence in blackgram seed lots.


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Blackgram, Field emergence, Germination, Radicle emergence and Vigour

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