Abhishek Bahuguna Sandhya Bahuguna Birendra Prasad


Effect of different doses of aqueous extracts of walnut leaf was studied on germinating seeds and early seedling growth of wheat variety (cv. VL-616) recommended for hills under West Himalayan agri-silvi system. Seven treatments comprised of distilled water control (0%), 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and 60% concentration of leaf extracts were treated. The effect of aqueous extracts was found inhibitive; indicate a direct proportional relationship with concentration dependent manner on seed germination and subsequent seedling growth of wheat. The wheat variety exhibited extent of phytotoxicity at 60% extracts application in comparison to untreated control. Invariably there was a decrease in first count, germination, seedling root and shoot length, seedling fresh and dry weight and vigour index with increasing aqueous extracts concentration on germinating wheat, however the shoot length was observed maximum at 60% concentration.


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Germination, Leaf extract, Vigour index, Walnut, Wheat

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