Rasha Kadhim Mahdi Eman Fadhel Abbas Alaa Tareq Shakir al-hassnawi


Cytokines play an important role in intercellular communications, cell growth, differentiation, and immune system modulations. Some of these functions have crucial roles in pregnancy gaining or losing, especially those correlated with T helper 1, T helper 2, and T helper 17 cells. Several studies showed significant variations in Interleukine-23 (IL-23) with Toxoplasma infection. However, little is known about the regulations of this interleukin in the case of early spontaneous abortion (ESA) patients. The present study aimed to evaluate IL-23 to explain the effect of this cytokine on pregnancy gaining or losing with and without toxoplasma infections. Eighty-nine subjects were registered in the current study,16 Toxoplasma infected ESA women, 41 unknown ESA aborted women, 16 healthy pregnant women, and 16 healthy non-pregnant women served as control negative. Detections of anti-Toxoplasma IgG and IL-23 by immunoenzymatic assay (IFA and ELISA, respectively). A significant difference (P = > 0.05) was found in all subjected groups except between Toxoplasmosis ESA and unknown EAS women. The data showed a substantial increase in sera IL-23 in unknown ESA with mean and standard deviation (SD) (13.679±2.461) and Toxoplasma infected women with mean and SD (14.279±4.757) as compared with non-Pregnant women having mean and SD (5.824±1.040) and healthy pregnant women with mean and SD (17.273±6.418). Therefore, this considerable evidence may indicate a role of IL-23 in the development of pregnancy gaining or losing, especially those ESA women. 




Aborted, Interleukine-23, Spontaneous, Toxoplasma gondii, Women

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