S. Ramu N. Senthilkumar


The recent superiority of the composite materials is cautiously focusing on environmental adoption of natural fiber composites. The major source of the natural fiber materials covered in the globe, especially natural fibers, is plant-based, animal-based and mineral-based. Eco friendly based material can save the environment and recycling of the material is possible, as well as important criteria. Hence engineers ultimately focused on natural fiber polymer matrix materials to save the environment, pollution control, plastic manipulation, etc. The literature work was studied to identify natural fiber material possession. The major goal of the present review was to identify material characterization and appropriate application, mainly offering to enhance mechanical properties, flexural strength, electrical properties, thermal properties etc. The major consequence of the natural fiber is hydrophilic treatment. There is poor interfacial adhesion between the addition/filling substances and poor mechanical characteristics. All of these shortcomings constitute a critical issue. This review presents numerous sorts of  natural and synthetic polymers, natural fibres such as jute, ramie, banana, pineapple leaf fibre, and kenaf, etc.; short and long fibre loading methods, fibre fillers in micro and nanoparticle, American society of testing and materials (ASTM) standard plate dimensions, fabrication methods such as hand lay-up process, spray lay-up process, vacuumed-bag, continuous pultrusion, and pulforming process, etc.; industries and home appliances such as automotive parts, building construction, sports kits, domestic goods, and electronic devices. The review lists various material combinations, fibre loading, fillers, and matrix that can aid in the improvement of material properties and the reduction of failures during mechanical testing of composites.                 




Composite Materials, Flexural Strength, Hydrophilic Treatment, Mechanical Properties, Thermal Properties

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