Richa Kohli Piyush Malaviya


The present study has been focused on the impact of tannery effluent on germination pattern of ten varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum).The physico-chemical analysis of the tannery effluents showed that it had high salinity (45.97 ppt) and an acidic pH (3.61). For screening test, a setup with various concentrations of tannery effluent (4.5%, 9%, 13.5%and 18%) was prepared in petri plates to check the impact of tannery effluent on various varieties of wheat. Among ten varieties, PBW-343 and HS-365 showed better performance at 4.5% tannery effluent
and considered to be more tolerant, whereas HS -295 was the most sensitive to tannery effluent treatment.


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Chromium, Germination, Screening, Tannery effluent, Toxicity

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