Kuldeep Mishra Suneeta Pinto Hitesh Jambukiya J P Prajapati


In the literature, a variety of dairy products are made from goat milk; however, information related to the manufacture of rasogolla from goat milk is very scant. During preliminary trials, it was observed that chhena prepared from goat milk was not suitable for the preparation of rasogolla because it has a very soft and sticky body that is difficult to handle. Therefore, this investigation was conducted to formulate an acceptable quality goat milk rasogolla using whey protein concentrate (WPC) as a functional ingredient. Chhena (also known as Indian cottage cheese, a heat- and acid-coagulated indigenous dairy product) was prepared from fresh Surati goat milk (3.5% fat/8.5% milk solids-not-fat (MSNF). Twelve batches of rasogolla were prepared from chhena coagulated at three temperatures viz. 75, 80 and 85⁰C containing WPC at 4 levels (i.e., 0, 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75% w/w of milk). Rasogolla prepared from chhena containing 0.50% WPC in milk  and coagulated at 80°C was preferred the most with respect to all the sensory attributes evaluated. It had significantly (P<0.05) highest sucrose content, i.e., 35.73% and a higher sugar absorption ratio, i.e., 2.63, compared to all the other experimental samples. The composition of drained samples of goat milk rasogolla was as follows: moisture 50.07%; protein 7.04%; fat 6.44%; ash 0.45% and sucrose 35.73%. The pH was 6.34 and acidity was 0.76% lactic acid. Based on the results obtained in this study, a method was developed for the preparation of acceptable quality goat milk chhena and rasogolla.


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Chhena, Goat milk, Rasogolla, Whey protein concentrates

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